Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This has been a productive work week so far and I am happy. Blissful. Sophie is a new dog since the temperature dropped thirty five degrees.

I know I've blogged about Candadian short story artist Alice Munro a number of months ago. I've taken Runaway, her latest collection of stories, out of the library again. Last night I read "Passion" and at the end I was breathless. I reread the last four to five pages at least that many times, and suddenly, I got it. This story is the first I've read (since I've actually been making a study of short fiction) that has demonstrated the power inherent in the genre. Idea, character, plot--the words for these things sound so basic, so trivial, but Munro took her idea, the emotions of her characters, their histories, and wrung out every last drop of meaning. There are no empty metaphors, no dead ends, everything, every word relates to the conflict and the idea. Unbelievable!


Anonymous Kyle Foley said...

dear judith,

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