Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ten minutes of googling lassooed me surprisingly little about Monique Charlesworth, the author of The Children's War. With a number of the new novel's stellar reviews in my recent memory, I seized the book at the library today, delirious to find one that's on my "dying to read" list. I vow I will snatch time out of the holiday madness to read this.

The Children's War is being hailed for its "impeccable research" and its artistic vision. Set in Europe during World War II, it is the twin stories of a French girl and a German boy, both age thirteen, surviving the crazy, dangerous world that adults have created. Charlesworth, a British writer, has an intimate knowledge of France and Germany, and speaks their languages fluently.

And just for FUN! Check out this cool online Advent Calendar by Leslie Harpold. I loved last year's and the one for 2004 is beautiful, too.


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that book sounds very intriguing, i'll have to check it out!! -carolyn (

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