Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm curious about the writer Sandra Birdsell, author of Katya, a novel about a Mennonite girl during the Russian Revolution. Milkweed Editions is the publisher, and I'm reminded that when I blogged about Seth Kantner and Outside Wolves (see entry for January 8), I meant to provide a link to its website and forgot.

Birdsell is a Canadian (Saskatchewan writer), and Katya was a finalist for the Giller Prize, only at the time the prize was awarded, the book was titled Russlander.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birdsell is a well-known writer in Canada. Katya- was her seventh novel. One of the topics in Katya is the belief of pacifism once embraced by Mennonites. A concept that might be unsettling to explore since 9/11. Where there other ways of responding to that debacle? The novel seems to suggest that there are.

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