Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Just found out Michael Moore has a new book--Dude, Where's My Country? I haven't read it or seen a copy yet, but evidently after discussing many of the ways the U.S. has done the world dirt, he focuses on a call to action, informing readers on how to do something to institute change. I'm so glad he's doing that, because I think he has enough power over people's imaginations to gode them to take steps to shut the tv off and get off the couch and take power in their own hands.

I'll never forget witnessing Moore in action, behind the podium, at a New England Booksellers Association convention in Boston about 5-6 years ago. A mesmerizing speaker, he is uproariously funny on stage, saying such extreme, outrageous things, the things I'd love to blurt out at the top of my lungs, but am too afraid to. So he goes a bit overboard at times? So he's in love with himself? So what? He gets his message across, a message I believe in.

Ken and I watched Bowling for Columbine about two weeks ago when it came on Pay-Per-View. Only once in a blue moon do we use PPV, but we couldn't wait any longer to see it. It was terrific, although nothing can probably ever match his first hit Roger and Me.

Beautiful weather yesterday and it will be today, too, and about ten degrees warmer. Indian summer. Delicious. Jan and I are going for a walk at noontime. I'm walking more and more and so far I'm doing pretty well with the plantar fasciitis--it is getting better. I just have to make sure I do the stretches before I walk. I must be religious about it or I'm going to have trouble. I've got to get ready for ski season (cross-country).

Busy day today. I am working, am also devoting time to learning German. I wish it were a speedier process.


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