Sunday, October 05, 2003

I've been so consumed by my blogger education, that I have few other thoughts in my head. I'm obsessed with figuring out how to get images uploaded, but it appears, after considering all the possibilities available to me at the moment, it would be worthwhile to wait until Blogger offers a service that includes this ability. What is going on with them? When will they offer a way to do this? I will have to do some research to find out. I e-mailed them a question about this yesterday morning, but they have not answered it yet. Hmmm....

Drab day yesterday--rain, rain, rain. We didn't go to Larz Anderson Park with Sophie as we planned, and therefore, no trip to Brookline Booksmith, the best bookstore in Boston (and it's an independent!). They had a book there, in paperback, that had the facts about what's going on now with the World Bank and the effects of economic globalization on developing countries. I need to find its title, because I think it would be perfect for a book discussion I'd like to lead for people from church. (I'm a Unitarian Universalist.) I'm determined to be a more active member of the Social Action Committee this year. For one thing, I would like to find ways to do something to influence those in power to alleviate the suffering caused by global economic policies.

We did go to Best Buy to purchase a new answering machine. Got a Uniden with a cordless phone. It's cool. Ken had fun setting it up and playing with all its features. Sure is different from our old one--the Panasonic I bought in 1985! Can't believe it lasted this long.

I have enjoyed my blogging obsession this past week. I think the energy created by my worry and anguish over Ken's illness and diagnosis is being channeled into this new adventure. I find myself wanting to stay up late to learn more, but I don't, knowing that a lack of sleep will aggravate my fibromyalgia. I don't need that right now!


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