Friday, October 03, 2003

First frost of the season, undoubtedly killing off the corn growing at the farms in the greater Boston area. So off I go to Volante Farms in Needham to get some of the corn they picked yesterday. The corn lover wants me to buy 18 ears, but since there is not enough room in the fridge for that, I'll buy a dozen. It's two weeks early for the first frost. This ought to make the foliage peak earlier than usual around here.

I also have to visit three of my libraries. The Weblog Handbook has arrived. Maybe it'll help me get more of a clue about how to do some of the things I want to do with this blog. I want to include photos--that's the main thing I want to work on.

Last week, in the midst of my exhaustion from slogging through the hospital and doctors' offices day after day, I collapsed on the couch and read Lucky, Alice Sebold's memoir. I was so mesmerized by it--a transcendent work. It's not only about a brutal rape and its impact on one young woman, it's a story of survival and the struggle to say, "I can make an impact, too; I'm a person, I count for something, I can win." I completely identified with her through the entire book and did not want it to end.

Now I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife--(can't remember how to spell the author's last name. It's holding my interest, but will have to wait til I'm done to say anything much about it.


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