Monday, October 06, 2003

It seems possible that I'll be able to upload images before very long. Ken is going to help me work on it this weekend. I get really excited about the possibilities, though I suppose there will be lots of bugs to work out before I get anything approximating what I'm hoping for.

A deep frost last night, and the leaves on the trees in the marsh are already turning. Slow down! It's moving too fast for me. I like to savor the days that it happens.

Pressplay is being morphed into the new Napster over the next couple of days. It will be interesting to see what transpires. It would be great if the service would get cheaper! Will have to wait and see, since they're not giving out many details right now. Premium service, though, is supposedly going to be $9.95/month. Then 99 cents to burn a track onto a CD. Because I'm a subscriber, I get the service free until October 29. I guess they're expecting lots of glitches.

I'm supposed to be cooking dinner right now. I'm doing a tomato and cheese macaroni thing because there doesn't seem to be anything else to cook around here. I head to Bread and Circus tomorrow (sorry, Whole Foods Market--I'll never call it that).

I'm reading Blogging books like crazy, though I'm learning slowly. Essential Blogging is fascinating and reviews the various services and software in depth.
The blogging education is driving me crazy, though. It's hard to find time to devote to it and my work is suffering.


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