Saturday, July 02, 2005

A short blog entry here: I'm pooped after walking nearly four miles in the early morning, working out ninety minutes at the gym, and swimming in the neighborhood pool this afternoon. An entire day devoted to exercise is not necessarily my idea of perfection, but it's a welcome change of pace. I enjoyed reading the first chapter of Assassination Vacation while on the elliptical.(If you travel the link, scroll down to Vowell.) My initial impression of Sarah Vowell's writing was that she was trying too hard to be too cute, but when she admitted that the only way she can tolerate referring to our president is by calling him "the current president" and never by his name, I immediately identified. History buff that I am, I'm entranced by the idea of a vacation devoted to exploring everything there is to know about presidential assassinations. Of course, the FBI will be reading this entry, and I welcome you and hope you'll return again and again for news about books and literary doings, because that's all you're going to read about here. Oh! And occasional posts about Sophie, who is now looking at me with the most mournful expression because I'm typing furiously and not patting her.


Blogger Larry T. said...

Saw Sarah reading from AV and answering questions about her voice-over work on CSpan's Book TV. Good stuff for the Precor, although the writing seemed precious at times. She was quite relaxed, discursive, pleasantly self-deprecating in the Q&A. Did not make me want to run out and read the book--although it might be a nice break from seasickness brought upon by Redmond O'Hanlon's Trawler.

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