Monday, July 11, 2005

Imagine living as the sole inhabitant of a small island off the coast of Maine. Then picture a big, furry dog washing ashore to disturb your peace. This is the predicament facing Hannah, an artist who has settled on Ten Acre No Nine Island because it's a place where she can fully focus on her art without the endless praise and criticism of the people drawn to her work. Pocketful of Names by Joe Coomer was published by Graywolf Press as recently as June, yet I've had a difficult time finding reviews of it. No doubt the lack of attention is at least partly because Graywolf is a small press. It is a Booksense selection, however, and Coomer's previous novels have all been acclaimed. Check out Graywolf Press for a long list of books that haven't been hyped to the hilt.


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I've read this book, and it's wonderful.

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