Sunday, December 21, 2003

It's high time I stop the holiday bustle and settle down for a good browse through my Christmas bookshelf. I have been collecting Christmas books for twenty-five years. I like nothing better than to select an armful from the shelf, load them onto the couch or my bed, and read at random. Now that I own all my favorites, I enjoy adding several titles a year to add depth and breadth.

I was thrilled to discover The Annotated Christmas Carol, edited by Michael Patrick Hearn (Norton, 2003). While I was studying it at the bookstore, Ken swiped it right out of my hands and bought it to give to me as a gift. So right now it's under the tree, but I can say, based on my bookstore perusal, that it is beautifully illustrated and replete with charming, entertaining, and erudite annotations. It also has received sterling reviews. I reread The Christmas Carol every year at this time, but this year will have to hold off until I can rip the wrapping off of this gift.


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