Thursday, December 11, 2003

I'm immersed in a wonderful book, the likes of which I thought I'd never see again. No Angel by Penny Vincenzi (bestselling British author) is touted as a "family saga," but I call it a women's novel of epic proportions. Mind you, No Angel can not be classified as "literary fiction," as that label is applied in the twenty-first century. But what it is is a multi-generational, sweeping historical blockbuster in which both the female and the male characters are larger than life--strong, brave, sexy, and out to conquer the world. Vicenzi is an absolute master of the genre. She interweaves authentic historical detail brilliantly--she did her homework, which this historian applauds, yet they do not overwhelm the plot. And plot there is aplenty!! Plots and lots and lots of juicy sub-plots. I plan to say more very soon, but the clock is striking twelve and I must rush off to walk the pooch before I head out to the gym.


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