Saturday, December 06, 2003

I believe the snowfall estimates are too conservative for our area. We do tend to average higher than posted amounts for many snowstorms, which neighbors attribute to the "Blue Hill effect," since we're less than a mile south of the Great Blue. National Weather Service is calling for ten to twenty inches. Judging from the foot or more we have now, and what's forecast for tonight and tomorrow, we'll easily exceed that.

Ken and I took Sophie to the golf course, although I went without my skis. After romping with her for an hour (she went totally crazy pouncing, bounding, and falling in the snow) and then shoveling at home, I was tired of the snow plastering my face and the wind in my ears. My hands were frozen, too. Now that it's dark and late afternoon, I'll have to head down to the couch with a book and curl up with a tired but happy pooch.

I finished Reunion by Alan Lightman minutes ago. It's a quick read--only 231 short pages. I did like it by the time I was half-way through, but I object that he took so long to plunge into his subject matter, the narrator's examination of his intense relationship with a ballerina when he was a college student. While at his thirtieth college reunion, the narrator spends an evening sitting alone, as parties flourish in the distance, flashing back to the pivotal moments in his relationship with Julianna. Lightman is terrific at conveying the raw energy surging within the complex interplay of conflicting emotions. Each scene is electrically charged, real and evocative, though always tinged with melancholy. Good stuff. I'd like to say something about the conclusion, but in this case, whatever I'd say, would spoil the ending for others, so I'll desist. Interesting discussion at Bookninja.


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