Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We've been vacationing by Minerva Lake since Saturday, and thus far we've stayed close to camp, enjoying the unbeatable weather. We've had plenty of time to read. In the evenings we've been listening to the new thriller/mystery Entombed by Linda Fairstein. We're three quarters of the way through now, and although the first third of the book moved beautifully, we've been slogged down since in a plot that doesn't seem to move forward or have much action. Pages of pages of historical information presented in dialogue--some of it interesting, but it really bogged the story down.

On my own I'm reading a mind-bending book, Wandering Home by Bill McKibben. It's an essay/memoir of his journey from his home in Ripton, Vermont, near Middlebury to his Adirondacks home in Johnsburg, New York (North Creek, where I'm posting this entry right now is in the town of Johnsburg). I'm so delighted to have discovered this book because I'm very familiar with both the Ripton area and Johnsburg. His thoughts about wilderness, sustainable agriculture, and dozens of other topics related to land preservation are exciting to me, mostly because I care so much for the land. I've been reading Wandering Home outside of our camp, while I'm sitting in Dragonfly Cove, where I soak in the peace of that place, which is, for now, uninhabited by people.


Blogger Judy H in NC said...

Came across your blog from pomegranitesand paper and was thrilled. I've enjoyed several of your past postings and wish I was sitting around reading with you in Redwing Marsh. Instead I am cleaning house today with the kids so that I can have a couple of minutes to disappear to Barnes and Nobles, grab a frappachino, scope out books I HAVE to read and journal some. Since my Starbucks is in Barnes and Nobles I enjoy going there and writing. What is interesting is checking out what other people pick up to read and wonder why someone picked that stack of books and someone else has their stack of books and why they are reading them.

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