Friday, August 12, 2005

Work is going by fits and starts, or should I say fits and stops? I'm finding it incredibly hard to be motivated this summer. Last summer I kept my nose to the computer screen all summer without a break, and due to Bookbuilders (the company I was freelancing for at the time) going bust this spring, I was paid only $100 of the $1,245 owed me for that summer slavery. I have tried and tried to collect, but the company is gone now. Thanks, Lauren Fedorko, wherever you are, and good luck on all your future exploitations. Writers beware!

And to all of you writers out there: How do you keep yourself glued to your writing chair in the summer? Any and all tips will be much appreciated!


Blogger franzgeistworm said...

You can try contacting L. Fedorko at She may not answer, of course.

1:51 PM  

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