Thursday, November 04, 2004

As a devoted T.C. Boyle fan, how can I get any work done with The Inner Circle sitting in my house? By exercising discipline, of course. I have not even turned to page one. I'm not bragging; I'm just suffering from the ardent library junkie's complaint of "too many books." It seems that all the books I reserved last month came rushing in all at once. The only cure in this case is to return The Inner Circle and reserve it once again. Yes, it is painful. Reviews have been so mixed that I'm terribly curious about how Boyle pulled off this bird's eye view of Alfred Kinsey, the famous sex researcher of the forties and fifties.

Boyle has updated his website, which makes for a rewarding visit. I love the "What's New" section, which is Boyle's blog. He posted an entry as recently as yesterday, concerning his thoughts about the outcome of the election.


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