Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Little Marsh Music

I stumbled across a book that I'm going to have to investigate. Longtime readers of this blog know my predilection for novels set in New York City. The premise of The Dog Walker by Leslie Schnur is irresistible: a youngish woman and pooch-ambling pro can't help herself from exploring dog owners' apartments in the big city. It's a romantic comedy of sorts, or maybe out of sorts, since the reviews haven't been all that glowing, to put it mildly. Even Publisher's Weekly, which tries to say something positive about any book it decides to review, mentioned the labored effort of this first novel. So how did it get published? Check out Leslie Schnur on the Barnes and Noble website "Meet the Writers" section. The answer? Schnur is a publishing executive. I would include the link, but it is soooo very long. In any case, I've ordered The Dog Walker from the library and the fact that it is poorly written doesn't deter me from a book about New York written by a New Yorker.

If you have a favorite novel set in New York, please share it!


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