Friday, September 10, 2004

I'd like to say I'm just loving life in the Adirondacks, but we had an incredible siege of rain that makes me feel like a drowned rat. I shouldn't complain, but it sure was nice to see the sun come out at about eleven this morning. The trip was gloomy weatherwise and almost a disaster, due to the new GPS system that Ken is in love with. But we finally got here.
Right now I'm writing this at the Johnsburg Public Library in North Creek, New York. North Creek is a great little town, with small shops selling just about everything one would be likely to need.
And in the reading world, we couldn't listen to Into Thin Air on the trip up because we packed it and couldn't find it. So we'll listen some evening or on our way up. I'm reading a delightful book, Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey, new this spring or summer. Alba, in her mid-twenties, suffers from bipolar disorder and suicidal impulses and must spend lots of time in a psychiatric hospital. Oscar is about the same age and abuses as many substances as there are out there. She writes about them with such sympathy and wry amusement, that's it's a real treat.
The world around me here is getting restless, so I'm going to have to sign off. I hope to post again on Monday.


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