Saturday, June 19, 2004

So long a time without a post. I'm reminded how frustrated I am when my favorite blogs are infrequently updated. I will try to do better. That's all I can say.

Big happenings around here. Ken has left the Globe and is already vigorously pursuing his new venture, which is not really so new, since he's been doing it as a sideline for years. He's expanding his PC problem solving business in the hopes that it will provide a livelihood. I'm glad because he's happy to be turning his hand to something that really interests him.

In the world of literary doings, I've been so consumed by work that I've been a full-fledged dropout. I headed down to the library on Friday to forage for some material to chew on. Although not new, I'm enjoying Frankie's Place: A Love Story by journalist Jim Sterba, which was published last year. It's a memoir and travel narrative, set on Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island in Maine. As far as writing about Maine goes, I think it's among the best. He's a superb writer and I'm entranced by his description of the story of one summer he and his wife the author Frankie FitzGerald spent there.

I've also been reading The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo by American Paula Huntley. I finished The Wife by Meg Wolitzer, and was almost angry at the ending. When I'm disappointed by a book in any way, a bad ending will sometimes make me angry at myself. Why did I persist in reading this book to the end? I have commented on my dissatisfaction with this novel in a previous entry, so I won't reiterate my complaints here. I will say, though, that making the wife the author of her husbands' bestselling books was over the top. I disliked her anyway for being bitter and for refusing to make a life for herself;in the end, her passivity in continuing to write his books made her no more than a nothing character.


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