Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It seems more and more time passes between posts. I am busy,yes, but also inundated with allergens, primarily oak pollen, and it leaves me lethargic and out of sorts. May the oak pollen be washed away.

I have had some delightful moments reading lately, especially this past weekend when Ken went to the island (Peaks Island, Maine) to open his aunt's cottage. Jarhead by Anthony Swofford and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer were both on my plate and provided an intriguing juxtaposition. Both are about impressionable young men, trying desperately to nail down their identities as adult males.

I agree with several critics that Jarhead is essential reading for all Americans. I can't think of another book that so clearly demonstrates how military culture and actually, how all cultures, mold young men into warriors whose training leaves them thirsting for violence, revenge, and mayhem.


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