Saturday, March 13, 2004

Small presses are the wave of the future and collectively will supplant the big publishers in sales before many years have gone by. Too many writers overlook the opportunities these little guys offer. With some solid internet marketing, a book published by a small press can garner a lot of attention, and pave the way to a top agent and a contract with one of the biggies. But writing issues aside, the small presses are attracting some extraordinary talent. Next time you're looking for a great read, seek out the small presses for titles.

In the coming months, I will be featuring small press books and links to increase awareness of this rich sector of the publishing universe.

Fred First, the blogger at the wonderful "Fragments from Floyd" dropped me a line in response to my "Calling all Writers" feature (see entry for February 28). He's toying with the idea of publishing his novel with a small press. He writes, "Actually, unofficially, I have had an offer from another blogger-poet who has a small press and has offered to help edit, compile, print and market my someday book, tentatively called "Here's Home: Belonging in the Blue Ridge". We'll see what happens. Way too early to call it a success story."

Terrific news, Fred! If that doesn't pan out, though, I'm certain that with a little searching you can find another small press eager to publish your book. (I speak with such confidence because Fred is an incredible writer. I envy his blog so!)

While you're in "Fragments from Floyd" territory, check out the photos of Tsuga, his adorable yellow Lab puppy. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm a goner for Lab pups.


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