Thursday, November 13, 2003

My buddies are coming over to my house tonight to discuss how technology has personally transformed our lives and society. I realize that this topic may seem a smidgin broad to the uninitiated, to those who cannot claim membership in our little group, but we get together twice a month to chew on issues of common interest. It never seems to bother anyone that a topic is too huge to be manageable. This seems to be a distinctive characteristic of the UUs I know now, so I have become used to it and can be alternately serious and silly with the rest of them as we bat around ideas.

In the interest of fair trade and my war against the FTAA (see the post of November 9), I will serve Equal Exchange coffee to everyone.

The winds are here and Sophie goes absolutely wild over it. She prances, jumps, and skittles to the left and right, her ears flapping. What a walk I had with her this lunchtime, if you can call it that!


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