Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm so relieved the book talk on Women During the Civil War went so well. Lots of people came--at least thirty five, if not more; an enthusiastic audience, the best kind. Now that's behind me, I'm contemplating doing some more.

Now back to the end of World War II and postwar Europe. Today I scanned and read parts of Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of the Third Reich Talk About Themselves and Their Fathers by Gerald Posner (Random House, 1991.) It's interesting in places, but for my purposes, there was too much information about the histories of the Nazi fathers and not enough about the childhoods of their children. Of course, I was reading to uncover any information I could find about the lives of the sons and daughters during 1945-1950, but, as I mentioned, the focus was completely on the fathers. Posner is an investigative journalist, not a historian, and as a result, his frame of reference does not yield the kinds of analysis and interpretation I'm looking for at all, but still, I wasn't bored, which is something.

I haven't studied German in a week, so intent I was on preparing for the book talk. So I've got to get cracking. In between studying grammar and reviewing vocabulary, I've been trying to translate an intriguing article from Der Spiegel about a UFO incident in Pennsylvania in 1965, which has often been attributed to having been a fireball. I am still working on trying to figure out exactly what the article is trying to say! When I do, I'll report. I'm sorry to say I no longer have the link to the article.

And I promised a Napster update. Halfway through the beta testing period, I was locked out because I don't have Windows XP or Windows 2000 installed on my computer. It seems many of these online music services now require one or the other, and all I have is Windows 98. It's really a shame because I had been a loyal subscriber to Pressplay and I feel I was unceremoniously dumped by Napster. I feel lost without my online tunes. Any guesses on whether I can make it to Christmas without upgrading to XP?


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