Sunday, February 06, 2005

I've never been into crime thrillers, yet I've lately found myself blogging about them and occasionally reading them. I recently heard about a new book by a Swedish crime novelist, Henning Mankell. Before the Frost has received a starred review in Publisher's Weekly and is generating quite a buzz. It seems Mankell has written many bestselling books (European bestsellers, that is) about the veteran police investigator, Kurt Wallander. In Before the Frost, Mankell introduces Kurt's daughter Linda Wallander, a police rookie, in a tale about her first case. The Observer (London) notes that Mankell is "one of the most ingenious crime writers around, strong on characterization, plotting, and atmosphere." Review after review praises his writing, so I'm going to hunt for it.

Yes, I had reading time this weekend! I've been loving Prep (see February 1st entry) and have also started Snowleg by Nicholas Shakespeare (see my January 16 entry in the archives.)


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