Friday, April 16, 2004

Picture Bill Clinton feverishing laboring on his memoir in a renovated barn "near his home" in Chappaqua, New York. He's supposed to have it done by June 15, but he's missed his previous deadlines, so who knows? If he procrastinates a bit more, publication will be delayed and the splash won't dampen John Kerry's campaign. Why isn't he writing at home? Too many phones ringing?

About The Lucky Ones(see Wednesday's post)--If you are a parent with young children, please take caution with this book. Within its five stories, Cusk has amassed a grim collection of parenting nightmares, dozens of lonely, miserable, pull-your-hair-out moments. Every parent will recognize themselves in Cusk's characters and will sympathize with their situations, but the stories are unrelentingly dark. Cusk is a skilled storyteller, no doubt about that, but I can't wait to get away from the dirge of parenting (and marital) doom.


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