Friday, February 20, 2004

Had a lovely day off yesterday. Went on an expedition with my young chums to the Museum of Fine Arts. Because of the school vacation week, the place was packed with kids! This is a good thing; I'm not complaining, but wow! My pals enjoyed the Traveling Scholars Exhibition--lots of unusual, quirky installations, paintings, and objects. My thirteen-year-old friend was dying to see Greek sculpture, and had a wonderful time spinning yarns from Greek mythology as he guided me from one to the next. His favorite sculpture was one of Dionysus with the Meaneads. (I know I'm spelling both of those names incorrectly; forgive me). He enjoyed scandalizing me with tales of their orgies and I pretended to be shocked. His sister, being three years younger, was predictably bored by the whole Greek scene, but definitely perked up when we landed at Cabot's Ice Cream in Newtonville for sundaes. I can't believe I ate a large sundae--ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, the works! Talk about orgies! It was worth it.


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