Friday, October 24, 2003

Since I've not quite finished An End of an Error by Mameve Medwed, I'll report on another of my vacation reads. All is Vanity by Christina Schwarz was pure fun, a stunning satire. After a decade or so teaching English in a private high school in New York City, Margaret decides to take a year off to write a novel. She has a best friend from childhood in Los Angeles with whom she corresponds by e-mail.

Margaret suffers from every form of procrastination and manifestation of writer's block known, and to exaggerated effect. It's laugh-out-loud funny in places, but while I was laughing, I was in pain, recognizing some of my own foibles.

Margaret doesn't become immersed in writing until she"lifts' the details of her friend's life and incorporates them into her (Margaret's) novel. I will not say more, for fear it will dampen the enthusiasm of a reader who hasn't read this yet. It's worth the time to pick this one up. Writers especially will be amused.


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